Compliance with the UK Stewardship Code


The FCA’s Conduct of Business Sourcebook rule 2.2.3R requires White Square Capital LLP to include a disclosure on its website stating its commitment to the UK Stewardship Code.

If White Square Capital does not commit to the Code, it must state its alternative investment strategy in general terms. The code sets out principles relating to the level of engagement by investors with UK equity investors.

White Square Capital has reviewed the Principles of the Stewardship Code and while we do generally support the objectives of the Code, the firm has chosen not to commit to it.

White Square Capital invests mainly in equities that are chosen according to a proprietary trading strategy that involves qualitative and quantitative criteria, but is oriented towards large caps in North America and all of Europe. White Square Capital is investing in multiple jurisdictions and would not consider it appropriate to commit to any voluntary code relating to an individual jurisdiction.